Our Mission

We are creating an environment where each person is made better and happier through mutual growth and collaboration. While striving to achieve balanced growth, we know every action counts towards elevating and inspiring ourselves, and those who trust us with their care, to attain our shared goals. We remember to wholly support our team and our community, offering them positivity and having them know they are deeply and permanently valued. We remain diligent to have the presence of mind and alignment of principles to know that fulfilling this mission is why we exist, and to never forget that we are emerging and evolving, growing better each day and with every action. And in knowing that, we look to the future, and to each day, to spread this model of quality and sustainability.

Focused on Prevention

We believe in the power of preventative care and we believe it should be accessible to everyone.

I can’t say enough about what an incredible place Symbio Physiotherapy is. I’ve been to PT for numerous issues over the years, but I have never been in a more professional, caring, and thoughtful environment.
— Christine P.

Symbio is easily the best PT facility in NY.
— Nic D.

...It was nothing short of voodoo genius magic.
— Kelly M.

To start, the staff are all downright amazing.
— Daniel V.