Our Mission

Our mission is to forge a culture where each person is made better through mutual growth and collaboration, insisting on elevating and inspiring our community and ourselves together. Through education of our peers and community, and by leading a growing movement of wellness and preventative care, we are changing the face of healthcare in our country.

Focused on Prevention

We believe in the power of preventative care and we believe it should be accessible to everyone.

I can’t say enough about what an incredible place Symbio Physiotherapy is. I’ve been to PT for numerous issues over the years, but I have never been in a more professional, caring, and thoughtful environment.
— Christine P.

Symbio is easily the best PT facility in NY.
— Nic D.

...It was nothing short of voodoo genius magic.
— Kelly M.

To start, the staff are all downright amazing.
— Daniel V.