PT, PhD, DPT, OCS, SCS, CMPT, CSCS, FRCms, Men’s Health Specialist

Chad holds multiple degrees and certifications in sports and ortho Physical Therapy. Strengthened by over a decade of clinical experience, Chad has developed the skill and reputation to be a widely sought after physiotherapist across the NYC area as well as internationally. While his clinical expertise is broad, Chad specializes in treating runners, triathletes, dancers, and men’s health. His first love, however, is mentoring and collaborating with his exceptional team of brilliant physios.

Chad is also a competitive athlete. After several years as a professional dancer, he began his journey as an endurance athlete having competed in multiple marathons, several Ironman triathlons, Ultraman Florida and other extreme endurance events.

If you ask Chad, he will tell you that creating Symbio and witnessing the growth of this team is his greatest achievement--something far more important than degrees, certifications, or accolades. May he never forget, and may all who encounter the Symbio team know that joy and find that mutual growth that we have built.

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