What is RevMethod:

  • A continuously evolving system built to equip movement specialists with an all encompassing whole body approach to optimize human motion.

  • A holistic approach to assessing, evaluating, and treating the human body based on sound clinical reasoning

What is a RevPhysical:

  • A systematic multifactorial assessment aimed at understanding a person’s wellness level and allowing for the development of a sound plan of action to improve that individual’s wellness.

  • A person will be asked several questions regarding the health and wellness of multiple systems, followed by a movement screen by a movement specialist.

What is RevMethodFitness:

  • A fitness enhancement system provided to individuals in a class setting aimed at improving one’s mobility and performance through controlling the rotation of their body.

  • We feel the transverse plane in s the most overlooked plane to train in the body and most compensations stem from dysfunction in this plane. RevFit is an approach aimed to bring awareness and improve control and strength in this overlooked aspect of human movement.