Associate Director, PT, DPT, CMPT, FRCms

Mike is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the Associate Director at Symbio Physiotherapy’s flagship location in Chelsea. Having taken an eclectic array of advanced clinical education courses, Mike specializes in helping people of all movement backgrounds move, feel, and live their best. Firmly believing in the interconnectedness of the entire body, Mike utilizes a holistic, whole-body approach to treatment, working closely with his patients to train and develop healthy and more optimal strategies for movement. Passionate about helping his patients live and be their best, Mike combines evidence-based manual therapy techniques with patient education to equip and empower his patients to achieve their goals.

He enjoys working with a wide variety of orthopedic patients ranging from the 9-5 office worker to professional athletes and dancers. Mike’s personal mission is to give his all for the benefit of the one and uses physical therapy as the means through which he can live out his purpose. In addition to his clinical work, Mike is a teaching assistant in Touro College’s Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate program.

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